Lake Võrtsjärv Foundation

The Lake Võrtsjärv region is made up of seven communes bordering on the lake. The communes are situated on the territory of three different counties: Rannu and Rõngu communes in Tartu County; Puka and Põdrala communes in Valga County, and Tarvastu, Viiratsi and Kolga-Jaani communes in Viljandi County. The above-mentioned communes are the subjects of the development of the Lake Võrtsjärv region. The decisions of their governments are crucial to the future of the region. The communes are united by their location in the immediate vicinity of the lake and the traditions of cooperation.

On May 3, 2000, the above-mentioned local governments established an organization for planning the joint development of the Lake Võrtsjärv region – The Lake Võrtsjärv Foundation.

The wider aims of the foundation:
Raising the environmental awareness of the public, developing unified views on the balanced development of the Lake Võrtsjärv region, preserving and protecting Lake Võrtsjärv as a sensitive body of water, and promoting the image of Lake Võrtsjärv as a rapidly developing recreational region both in Estonia and beyond.