Related activities

1994-1997: Estonian-Finnish joint research project on the state of Lake Võrtsjärv (Ministries of Environment). Result of this research have been published in a book "Present state and future fate of Lake Võrtsjärv" (authors Timo Huttula and Tiina Nõges). This project determined the situation of the lake and the possible means for improving, and for avoiding the worsening of the situation. In the framework of Estonian-Finnish cooperation programme, it was tried to find possibilities for using the results of the above-mentioned research in real life practice. Unfortunately, it turned out that it is impossible to use the results in their existing manner, as the region does not have a development plan which would take into account the restrictions regarding the usage of Lake Võrtsjärv.

1998-1999: Estonian and Finnish Ministries of Environment implemented a joint project regarding the involvement of general public in the compilation of joint development strategy in the Lake Võrtsjärv region. The result: tender announcement for finding the compiler of development plan for Lake Võrtsjärv region.

1999.The signing of the protocol of joint intentions, by 7 local authorities around the lake, 3 counties, and the Ministry of Environment, aimed at the elaboration and implementation of the Lake Võrtsjärv region development strategy, in order to guarantee socio-economic welfare for the inhabitants in the region, and create preconditions for the coming of investments and people in the region, concurrently improving the environmental situation of Lake Võrtsjärv and its nearby surrounding.

The pilot project: “The evaluation of environmental impacts of regional development scenarios in the Lake Võrtsjärv catchment area and the possibilities for the compilation of joint plannings” is in good harmony with Estonia’s intentions to become the member of the European Union – the accession process anticipates several changes in our environmental legislation and in the management of environmental protection. This projects is also a part of the cooperation programme between Estonian and Finnish Ministries of Environment, during the years 1999-2000.

1999-2000: Compilation of the development plan of the Lake Võrtsjärv region for 2000-2005 (Ordered by: 7 local authorities around the lake, and 3 counties -Viljandi, Valga ja Tartu; Executor: EMI-ECO)

1999-2000: The Estonian Ministry of Environment project “Evaluation of environmental impact of the Lake Võrtsjärv catchment area development plans and general plannings”. As a result of the 1st stage of the project, the consolidated report including the initial data regarding the evaluation of environmental impact, has been completed. During the second stage of the project, the environmental impact of the completed Võrtsjärv development plan will be evaluated, and the principles for the determination of environmental restrictions, regarding development activities in the Võrtsjärv catchment area, will be worked out.

2000: Proceeding from the priorities of the Võrtsjärv region development plan, the Lake Võrtsjärv Foundation, an organisation, aimed at planning regional joint activities, was established by 7 rural municipality governments, located near the lake.