Living Lakes Network


Global Nature Fund is a non-profit, private, independent international foundation for the protection of environment and nature, registered according to § 80 BGB by the Senate Administration for Justice, Berlin.

The headquarters are located in Radolfzell at Lake Constance, Germany. Since 2003, the Global Nature Fund has also an office in Bonn, Germany.

Four times a year, the Global Nature Fund publishes a newsletter in English and German. In this issue you will find reports on current developments and projects particularly on the Living Lakes network. You will also get informed about new partner lakes, special events and conferences.

Living Lakes is an international network and partnership, whose mission is to enhance the protection, restoration and rehabilitation of lakes, wetlands, other freshwater bodies of the world and their catchment areas. Global Nature Fund is the main coordinator of the Living Lakes network.

Lake Võrtsjärv and Lake Peipsi, joined the network in 2003 as a twin member.

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