This web page is meant to help you discover the vicinity of Lake Võrtsjärv. Being both mysterious and majestic, Võrtsjärv has always fascinated writers and poets. From as early as the 18th century, scientists have studied lake-life in Võrtsjärv and abundant fish resources are the means of subsistence for locals. Centuries have affected the natural environment near the lake and left their trace in the culture and history of the region.

The beauty of Võrtsjärv and its surrounding nature has, throughout the ages, attracted visitors and has been offering possibilities for activity holidays and for spending free time. However, difficulties, at the end of the Soviet period and during the first years of independence, hindered the recreational development in the region.

As if awakening from an apparent demise, it is namely now that the re-discovery of Võrtsjärv is taking place. Local municipalities around the largest inland lake of Estonia have decided to change Võrtsjärv from an unfamiliar place to a real magnet. Recreational opportunities are being developed, hiking tracks labeled and new views are being opened to the lake. However, nature education campaigns and introduction of the cultural heritage of the region are being extended hand-to-hand.

You are welcomed to come here and discover Lake Võrtsjärv for yourself from the point of view sustainable perspective.

Lake Võrtsjärv Foundation