Funny Photo Hunt on The Lake Võrtsjärv


A photo hunt is a fun, and somewhat crazy, orienteering game!  A photo hunt is not dependent on a place or the weather. If you have a fun group, then come on the hunt!

A photo hunt can be organized anywhere, 'hunting' does not require great physical effort and is suitable for people of all ages.

The objective of a photo hunt is for teams to find the places on a photograph and to make as creative a photo as possible in the same location. The team members must also be on the photo. Every photograph includes exact instructions on how the team members must appear on the photo.

The team will be given a legend, photographs on paper and a digital camera (Canon). During the allotted time, the team must find as many locations as possible if possible, all and photograph them according to the instructions.

The active orienteering-hunting portion of the photo hunt is followed by a viewing of the photos, which may be organized immediately after the hunt or later, as part of a dinner, party or other program.

During: The active portion of the photo hunt takes 2 hours and a viewing the photos after the hunt takes ½ to 1 hour.

Languages: Photo hunts can be ordered in Estonian, English, Finnish, and German.

Number of people:

Up to 200 people at a time can participate in a photo hunt.
Groups of 15-120 are especially appropriate for 'hunting'.
The optimal number for one team is 5-8 people.

Price: The price for 10 people is 284 €
Each additional person costs 14 €

Group prices are valid for groups of more than 35:
36-50 persons 638 €
51-70 persons 766 €
71-100 persons 894 €
101–150 persons 1021 €
151-200 persons 1149 €

Price include VAT 20%.

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